Laser Diode Module Drivers

Laser Diode Module Drivers
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  • Each channel has a BNC input connector for up to 10 kHz TTL/analog modulation of the driving current and a BNC output connector for monitoring the driving current or for the synchronization with other devices. Its laser safety features include a rear panel interlock connector, a master key switch and white LED illuminated control knobs indicating laser diode operation. Unlike most commercial laser diode drivers, our linear driving electronics eliminates leakage current to get no light output for zero set current. That means no residual light exits from the laser diode source when the driving current is set to zero, which is an important feature for optogenetics experiments. The Laser Diode Module Driver recognizes the Connectorized Laser Diode Module and automatically sets the maximum driving current, thus preventing accidental overdrive.

    The LDMD can be controlled using the Doric Neuroscience Studio, allowing more complex forms of light source control than through standalone use. 

    AC/DC power supply is supplied to match customer location electrical outlet standard.
  • Operating Modes - OFF
    - Continuous
    - External TTL
    - External Analog
    - Computer (USB)
    TTL Modulation
    HI > 2.8 V
    LOW < 2.3 V
    Analog Modulation 0 - 5 V (80 mA / V)
    Output Current 4 - 400 mA
    * 0.000 mA when OFF or V-IN < 0.1 V
    Max Forward Voltage 7 V
    Rise / Fall time < 10 µsec
    Max modulation frequency 10 kHz
    Maximum current 400 mA
    Electrical connector M8 connector - 4 positions
    M8 pinout - Female
    Dimensions 1-channel model 175 mm x 50 mm x 105 mm including connectors
    Dimensions 2-channel model 234 mm x 50 mm x 105 mm including connectors
    Dimensions 4-channel model 350 mm x 50 mm x 105 mm including connectors
    Mass 580 g (1-ch)
    757 g (2-ch)
    1155 g (4-ch)
  • Laser Diode Module Drivers 1 channels
    Laser Diode Module Drivers 2 channels
    Laser Diode Module Drivers 4 channels
    Connectorized Laser Diode Module and Drivers
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