Opto-electric Probe Holders

Opto-electric Probe Holders
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  • The Opto-electrical Probe Holder has a similar function as the optical probe holder with the addition of an electrical contact. In order to reduce cable congestion around the specimen, the Opto-electrical Probe Holder permits bringing the optical and electrical contact to the back of the holder. It is recommended to plug a shielded cable to the BNC cable.

    • The length of the optical fiber and the electrical cable is measured from the coming out of the rod to the tip of the connector.
    • The standard electrical cable length is 0.2 m. Other values on request.
    • The rod has a standard length of 150 mm.
    • An optional clamp (SCL) can be used to fix the holder on stereotaxic apparatus.

  • Termination Codes for Fiber-Optic Patch Cords
    Description Product Termination Code
    FC Connector with Zirconia Ferrule
    or Metal Ferrule
    FC / FCM
    FC/APC Connector with Zirconia Ferrule*
    SMA Connector with Metal Ferrule SMA
    * FC/APC Connectors available for Fiber-Optic Patch Cords NA 0.22 only.
  • Opto-electric Probe Holders