Optoelectric Probe Holders

Optoelectric Probe Holders
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  • The Optoelectrical Probe Holder has a similar function as the optical probe holder with the addition of an electrical contact. In order to reduce cable congestion around the specimen, the Optoelectrical Probe Holder permits bringing the optical and electrical contact to the back of the holder. It is recommended to plug a shielded cable to the BNC cable.

    • The length of the optical fiber and the electrical cable is measured from the coming out of the rod to the tip of the connector.
    • The standard electrical cable length is 0.2 m. Other values on request.
    • The rod has a standard length of 150 mm.
    • An optional clamp (SCL) can be used to fix the holder on stereotaxic apparatus.

  • Termination Codes for Fiber-Optic Patch Cords
    Description Product Termination Code
    FC Connector with Zirconia Ferrule
    or Metal Ferrule
    FC / FCM
    FC/APC Connector with Zirconia Ferrule*
    SMA Connector with Metal Ferrule SMA
    * FC/APC Connectors available for Fiber-Optic Patch Cords NA 0.22 only.
  • Optoelectric Probe Holders