Fi-Wi Optical Cannula

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  • The Fi-Wi Optical Cannulas are designed to be chronically implanted on the skull of an animal. The base of the receptacle is smaller to facilitate the implantation. The optical fiber is connectorized to an LED, that brings the light directly into a specific brain area. The LED activation is done by the headstage and the delivering light intensity could be modulated throughout the experiment (0-100%, DC to 1000 Hz, different pulse shapes). The length of the fiber is customized within 0.1 mm tolerance. 

    The cannula has an electrical connector to hold the fiberless and wireless headstage in place. Between experiments, the headstage can be easily disconnected from the cannula and reconnected at the appropriate time.

    • Choice of Fiberless & Wireless Headstage must match the type of chosen Fi-Wi Cannula.
    • Fi-Wi Test Cannula is a replica of the Fi-Wi Opto-electric Cannula that can be connected to any Fiberless & Wireless Headstage.
    • The Fi-Wi Test Cannula can be used to test the headstage functions and the illumination patterns in the conditions of the experiment.
  • Optical fiber - 200 µm - NA 0.66
    - 400 µm - NA 0.66
    LED power @ 150 mA
    * fibre 200/250 µm - NA0.66)
    - 465 nm - 8.0 mW (256mW/mm²)
    - 525 nm - 3.5 mW (112mW/mm²)
    - 595 nm - 1.5 mW (48mW/mm²)
    - 635 nm - 4.0 mW (128mW/mm²)
    Dimensions 10 mm x 10 mm x 7 mm
    Mass 0.3 g
  • Fiberless and Wireless Optogenetically Synchronized Electrophysiology System
      User Manual
    FIWI Cannula