Ce:YAG Bandpass Filters

Ce:YAG Bandpass Filters
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  • Each Ce:YAG Optical Head is delivered with an empty Filter Holder for Ce:YAG Fiber Light Source (YFH). This holder can accept up to 5 mm thick filters of 25 or 25.4 mm diameter.

  • Table below is our standard offer of filter specified by their central wavelength and spectral bandwidth at full-width half maximum (FWHM).                                     
    Bandpass filters for Ce:YAG optical heads
    Central Wavelength (nm) Bandwidth FWHM (nm) Ordering Code
    525 ~30 YBPF_525/030
    549 ~15 YBPF_549/015
    559 ~34 YBPF_559/034
    582 ~75 YBPF_582/075
    593 ~40 YBPF_593/040
    612 ~69 YBPF_612/069

      Ce:YAG Filter Holder-Drawing