Multiphoton Microscopy

Doric Lenses now offers the two-photon laser scanning microscope range from the Hungarian company Femtonics which specializes in manufacturing and providing highly innovative solutions for two-photon laser scanning microscopes.

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Multiphoton Solutions from Femtonics

FEMTO3D Atlas 

FEMTO3D Atlas combines high-tech science and engineering in 3D measurements. It implements and goes beyond the traditional galvo and resonant scanner-based imaging functions and combines them with a unique fast 3D imaging feature, providing an all-in-one solution. The FEMTO3D Atlas enables its users to scan neuronal, dendritic, or other biological processes in 3D, up to a million times faster than classical scanning methods, at a preserved two-photon resolution.
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The FEMTOSmart series consists of fully customizable two-photon microscopes, which always fit perfectly to the customers’ needs. The special feature of these scopes is the elevated body, which can move in X, Y, and Z directions, providing ample room under the objective for the optimal positioning of your samples.

This feature makes them suitable for performing in vivo studies in a wide range of model organisms, from zebrafish larvae, through mice navigating in virtual reality to non-human primates.

The FEMTOSmart series, with its three members, represent traditional two-photon imaging systems able to perform galvo and resonant scanner-based functional imaging.
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