Fiber Photometry Console

Fiber Photometry Console
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  • This FPGA-based data acquisition unit synchronizes the output control and the input data acquisition. It seamlessly integrates with Doric Neuroscience Studio that provides a user interface for multi-channel photometry experiments. The software interface enables control over the CW pulsed excitation light, or sinusoidal waveform trig of an external source (i.e., LED driver) with 4 TTL and 4 analog voltage outputs. The software interface displays real-time recording data of up to 4 detector input signals. Signal processing does basic arithmetic functions between two channels, filter function to remove unwanted frequencies from the data, calculates Ī”F/F, etc. New functionalities are being continuously added.

    • 4 Digital Input/Output TTL to sync with other devices
    • 4 Analog Inputs to record multiple data stream (i.e., detectors)
    • 4 Analog Outputs to control other devices (i.e., LED driver)
    • Real-time lock-in amplification, filters, andĀ interleave demodulation
    • USB2 connection to a computer, cable included
    • Controlled by Doric Neuroscience Studio with photometry-oriented interface
    • Frequent and free software updates
  • Digital IO
    Ā  Ā Interface 4x BNC
    Ā  Ā TTL level 5 V
    Ā  Ā Sample rate 25 MSps
    Analog Output
    Ā  Ā Interface 4x BNC
    Ā  Ā Output Voltage Ā± 4.75 V
    Ā  Ā Impedance 6 Ī©
    Ā  Ā Sample Rate 25 MSps
    Ā  Ā DAC Resolution 16 bits
    Analog Input
    Ā  Ā Interface 4x BNC
    Ā  Ā Input Voltage Ā± 10.0 V
    Ā  Ā Impedance 100 - 124 kĪ©
    Ā  Ā Sample Rate 0.3, 1.0, 6.0, 12.1 kSps
    Ā  Ā ADC Resolution 16 bits
    Dimensions 360 mm x 99 mm x 37 mm
    Mass 800 grams
  • Fiber Photometry Console
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