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  •  All Ce:YAG Driver models can be controlled manually or using a computer via a USB port and Doric Neuroscience Studio Software. Drivers are offered in 3 models and all models include a first channel for controlling the Ce:YAG source driving current. For Ce:YAG Optical Heads including an internal blue source, either an LED or a laser diode (LD), the corresponding drivers include a second channel for the blue source. In these cases, both channels are controlled independently through software defined sequences or using the BNC input connector of each channel for an external control by analog or TTL signals.
    Each channel also includes a BNC output connector proportional to the driving current. This output signal can be used for the synchronization of other devices. Doric Ce:YAG Drivers safety features include a rear panel interlock connector, a master key switch and, for each channel, a white LED illuminated knob indicating if the corresponding source is activated. Unlike most commercial drivers, Doric driving electronics eliminates the leakage current and the corresponding light output when the current is set to zero. This is of crucial importance for optogenetics experiments.   

    • A Ce:YAG + LED Driver is used to control the Ce:YAG Optical Head or Ce:YAG + LED Optical Head (not included).
  • Input - Modulation 270 mA/V (Ce:YAG), 400 mA/V (LED)
    Output - Monitoring 3.7 V/A (Ce:YAG), 2.5 V/A (LED)
    Maximum current (typical) 1200 mA (Ce:YAG), 2000 mA (LED)
    Dimensions 300 mm x 100 mm x 55 mm including connectors
    Mass 790 g
  • Ce:YAG + LED Driver
    Ce:YAG + LED/LD Fiber Light Source
      User Manual
    Laser Safety
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