Assisted 1x1 Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joints - 12 contacts (OBSOLETE)

Assisted 1x1 Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joints - 12 contacts (OBSOLETE)
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  • The Assisted Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joint is electrically driven as it senses and follows the tethered animal’s rotations. It detects the torsion of the optical cable during animal movement and releases it with very high sensitivity. The assistance of this rotary joint helps to counter the frictional force of the internal slip-ring and offers quality transmission of the electrical signal during any experiment with freely-moving small animals like mice. It comes with 12 electrical channels and one optical channel. 

    There are 2 different options for the lenses used inside this rotary-joint;

    • AD (Achromatic Doublet): This configuration uses achromatic doublet lenses to ensure consistent performance on the entire visible range from 450 to 650 nm, the fiber-optic numerical aperture is limited to NA 0.22.  This is ideal for use with a multimode fiber-coupled laser.
    • AH (Aspheric High NA): This configuration uses aspheric lenses to allow usage of fiber-optic with a high numerical aperture that is used with LED or Ce:YAG light sources.  This configuration works at other wavelengths but is optimized at 470 nm.


    • The holder for the Assisted Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joint is included.
    • The output fiber-optic patch cords are also included.
    • An optional adapter can be provided to allow a Harwin connectorized rotary joint to be used with an Omnetics PZN12 connectorized system (ADAPTER_HO12).


  • Optical Fiber Connector
    FC receptacle
    Effective NA up to 0.5
    Transmission 2% peak to peak
    Maximum variation 75%
    Number of contacts 12
    Contact material Gold
    Contact resistance < 0.5 Ω
    Resistance variation during rotation
    (constant rotation)
    < 0.1 Ω
    Start up torque < 20 µN·m
    Rotation speed Up to 300 rpm
    Power Supply (torque assistance)
    5 VDC mini USB (included)
      Version 1.0.3