Rotary Fiber Photometry System

Rotary Fiber Photometry System
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  • Recording fluorescence related to neuronal activity within the brains of freely moving tethered laboratory animals is often hindered by transmission losses and signal fluctuations resulting from rotary joint turns. To mitigate these challenges, we strategically position the Fluorescence Mini Cube with integrated LEDs and detectors at the bottom of a rotating part of a 24-channel Assisted Electrical Rotary Joint. This placement allows us to enhance overall optical transmission and effectively eliminate rotation-related artifacts.

    Moreover, the rotary joint features a central hole or lumen, facilitating the passage of an optical fiber for optogenetic stimulation and/or a tube for liquid delivery.

    The Rotary Fiber Photometry System is highly adaptable. It can be tailored to support alternative light sources, such as laser diodes, and accommodate various fluorophores, ensuring versatility for different experimental setups.