Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder

Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder
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  • The Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder is designed to enable the recording of the fluorescence during the implantation of the cannula. It is a stainless steel rod having an FC receptacle on one end that allows a light delivery patch cord to be plugged in and at the other end a receptacle where a cannula can be screwed on. The two receptacles are mutually connected with an internal optical fiber housed within the 6.35 mm diameter rod that fits most popular micro-manipulators. To avoid unnecessary optical losses, the selected optical fiber parameters such as the core diameter and NA match those used in the fiber photometry system.

    The Low Autofluorescence Fiber-optic (LAF) Patch cords are specially designed to minimize the fluorescence caused by photoactive compounds in the optical fiber and associated elements. Fibers with a low natural fluorescence are selected and used with glues, ferrules and protective coatings that have low or no-fluorescence. To ensure its minimal autofluorescence, each patch cord undergoes a 12-hour photobleaching process that decreases their remaining natural fluorescence.

    • The standard fiber length is 1 m. Other values are available on custom request but the autofluorescence is dependent of the length of the patch cord and the fiber core diameter. In order to minimize autofluorescence, we recommend that the fiber length should be as short as possible.
    • The photobleaching process creates a temporary and reversible decrease of autofluorescence. It is recommended to repeat this process before each use to minimize autofluorescence. The instructions are provided with the product.
    • The Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder is compatible with Mono Fiber-optic Cannulas.
    • A holder compatible with Dual Fiber-optic Cannulas is available on request.
  • CM3 Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder
    MF1.25 Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder
    MF2.5 Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder
    Low Autofluorescence Patch Cords
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