Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder

Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder
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  • The Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder is designed to enable the recording of the fluorescence during the implantation of the cannula. It is a stainless steel rod having an FC receptacle on one end that allows a light delivery patch cord to be plugged in and at the other end a receptacle where a cannula can be screwed on. The two receptacles are mutually connected with an internal optical fiber housed within the 6.35 mm diameter rod that fits most popular micro-manipulators. To avoid unnecessary optical losses, the selected optical fiber parameters such as the core diameter and NA match those used in the fiber photometry system.

    • The standard fiber length is 1 m. Other values are available on custom request.
    • The Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder is compatible with Mono Fiber-optic Cannulas.
    • A holder compatible with Dual Fiber-optic Cannulas is available on request.