Assisted Electrical Rotary Joint For RFMC

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  • This Rotary Joint can plug up to two RFMC cubes into its rotor. It is primarily used for fiber photometry in applications requiring extremely low-intensity light detection.

    Notes :
    • The holder is a part of the rotary joint.
    • The rotary joint has at least one RFMC cube attached and includes necessary Fluorescence Detector Amplifiers.
    • The rod and clamp of the torque sensor serve as a cable holder.
    • The electrical rotary joint can be turned into an opto-electric rotary joint on request.
    • The electrical rotary joint can be turned into an electro-liquid rotary joint by selecting one of the Fluid Rotary Joint options. The 25 Gauge are recommended for mice and the 22 Gauge for rats or other animals of the same size or bigger.
    • The joint has six M8 connectors for light sources and four M5 connectors for detector amplifiers.
  • Connectors Stator 6x M8-4pos for LED (3x cube A + 3x cube B)
    4x M5-4pos for DET (2x cube A + 2x cube B)
    Connector on Rotor 2x Harwin Archer Kontrol 12 pos female for RFMC
    Connector Power supply
    (torque assistance)
    Contact material Gold
    Contact resistance Less than 800 mΩ
    Resistance variation during rotation
    (constant rotation)
    Less than 25 mΩ
    Start up torque Less than 20 µN·m
    Rotation speed less than 60 rpm
    Fluid rotary joint Instech model 375/22 or 375/25
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    Assisted Electrical Rotary Joint For RFMC

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