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danse™ is a neuroscience data analysis software that covers the entire pipeline from raw data (including behavior) to the final plots, which is of particular benefit for in vivo experiments. danse™ seamlessly combines behavior and neural activity together for analysis, using a new data structure that

• Contains neural, behavioral, processed, and analyzed data

• Follows the analysis pipeline
• Ensures reproducibility and troubleshooting
• Facilitates merging several recordings

danse™ is designed to analyze data acquired from Doric fiber photometry console, bundle-imaging fiber photometry, miniature fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiology console, optogenetics TTL pulse generator, and behavior camera.  In addition, danse™ can integrate behavior videos, events (e.g. stimuli, immobility bouts), and measures (e.g. animal position, speed) from external sources. It is also possible to convert neural data files recorded from other devices to .doric format.

The release is scheduled for early 2023!

For more details, you can visit the Neuroscience 2022 virtual poster 'Embedding behavior into the analysis of in-vivo recordings' presented by Ekaterina Martianova (login required).