Rotary Bundle-imaging Fluorescence Photometry System

Rotary Bundle-imaging Fluorescence Photometry System
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  • Conventional photodiode-based fiber photometry recordings of multiple brain sites on the same animal or single sites on several animals require a recording setup for each fiber location.

    An elegant alternative to multiple site photodiode-based fiber photometry is CMOS- or sCMOS-based bundle-imaging fiber photometry. The setup resembles a fluorescence microscope with a fiber bundle end face in its focal plane. The individual fibers on the other end of the fiber bundle are fitted to the selected brain locations of the animal. The fluorescent light from each fiber within a bundle creates circular spots on CMOS. The electrical read-out from pixels within each of those spots or fiber images correlates with the calcium activity of the corresponding brain site.

    In addition, the Rotary Bundle-imaging Fluorescence Mini Cube is combined with an electrically driven rotary joint that senses and follows the tethered animal’s rotations. It detects the torsion of the optical cable during animal movement and releases it with very high sensitivity. The assistance of this rotary joint helps to counter the frictional force of the internal slip-ring and offers quality optical signal during any experiment with freely-moving animals like mice or rats.