Fluorescence Microscope Driver

Fluorescence Microscope Driver
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  • This driver is used to control the following Miniaturized Microscope Bodies :
    Twist-on efocus Fluorescence Microscope Bodies
    Snap-in Surface Fluorescence Microscope Bodies
    • Snap-in Deep brain Fluorescence Microscope Bodies (SFMB, OSFM, eSFMB, eOSFM). 

    The driver can control the excitation of the LED light source, the image capturing and its broadcast at video rate via a high-speed Ethernet communication and the Doric Neuroscience Studio software. Trigger IN/OUT BNC ports can be used to trigger or synchronize the microscope with external recording devices, or trigger other devices. The available ports are the following:
    • 1 Digital input TTL (BNC connector)
    • 1 Digital output TTL (BNC connector)
    • 1 Microscope port (HDMI)
    • 1 LED connector (M8)
    • Ethernet port for computer connection 

  • Dimensions
    186 x 90 x 32 mm
    DC power supply
    12 VDC
    Data Link Ethernet
    379 g
    Computer requirements
    Desktop Computer recommended, Intel Core-i7, 8 GB RAM, Gigabit Ethernet and Jumbo frame compatible, Graphic card with 2 GB memory and OpenGL v4.6 compatible
    Microscope Configuration Application Note
    eTFMB/eTOSFM user manual