Twist-on efocus Fluorescence Microscope Body

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  • The Twist-on efocus Fluorescence Microscope lets users select appropriate focal plane within larger brain area of freely behaving animal remotely with an electrical signal. Its field of view of up to 650 x 650 microns and the electronic depth adjustment of 300 microns allow cellular resolution calcium imaging over a larger volume. The attachment/detachment of the microscope body to the imaging cannula is done with a simple barrel rotation and does not require any tools.

    • The electrical and optical fiber tethers of an efocus Fluorescence Microscope Body are of the same length.
    • Every microscope body comes with a protective cap.
    • The Twist-on efocus Fluorescence Microscope Body is only compatible with the Twist-on efocus Imaging Cannulas.

  •    Field of View  650 µm x 650 µm
       Working distance adjustment range 0 - 300 µm
       Frame rate > 45 fps
       Dimensions  10 mm x 15 mm x 22 mm
       Mass  3 g
       Computer specifications  - Intel Core-i7
     - 16GB RAM
     - Gigabit Ethernet, Jumbo frame compatible
     - Dedicated graphic card
    Fluorescence recording
       Green fluorescence bodies - Excitation 458 / 35 nm
    - Emission 525 / 40 nm
       Red fluorescence bodies - Excitation 540 / 15 nm
    - Emission 609 / 57 nm
    Optogenetic stimulation*
       Green fluorescence bodies - spectral bandwith 612 / 69 nm
    - activation intensity 0 to 55 mW/mm2
       Red fluorescence bodies - spectral bandwith 465 / 20 nm
    *Fluorescence + optogenetic microscopes only
    eTFMB/eTOSFM User Manual
    eTFMB/eTOSFM Application Note
    GCaMP configuration filter set
    GCaMP/NpHR configuration filter set
    Microscope Configuration Application Note