Doric Neuroscience Studio V5

*** Doric Neuroscience Studio version 5 is no more updated. ***
To benefit of the new functionalities, please upgrade to the version 6.

Version Release date Download (actual)
download (archive) 2019-10
  • Doric Neuroscience Studio is an intuitive software suite with multiple modalities to control Doric hardware, record and analyze data in optogenetics, fiber photometry, miniature fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiology and behavior cameras experiments.

    Doric Neuroscience Studio software incorporates different modules for each devices connected. The existing modules allow you to:

    Device Control
    • Light sources (LED, Laser Diode, CeYAG)
    • Fiber Photometry Console and Bundle Imaging system
    • Miniature Fluorescence Microscope
    • Electrophysiology Recording Headstage
    • Optogenetics TTL Pulse Generator (OTPG)
    • Behavior Camera

    In addition to controlling the devices, the software contains freely available analysis modules that can be used to process data acquire from the different systems.

    Data Analysis
    • Optrode Simulator for calculation of illumination volume in the brain
    • Microscopy image Analysis module (align film, ΔF/F, ...)
    • Photometry signal Analysis module (channel arithmetics, ΔF/F)
    • Electrophysiology Analysis module (filters, arithmetics, spike finding and sorting)
    • Behavior Tracking Analysis module (open-field tracking, travel distance and speed) *BETA*
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10; 64-bit
    Memory 4 GB RAM minimum
    8 GB RAM recommended
    Processor speed 2 GHz & 4 cores minimum
    3 GHz & 8 cores recommended
    Hard Drive 500 MB of free hard disk space
    * SSD recommended
  • Doric Neuroscience Studio
      User Manual Version 5.3.4
    Doric Neuroscience Studio
      Web Brochure
    Firmware upgrade-downgrade Procedure for Doric Neuroscience Studio v5 and v6
      Application Note
    Device Firmware Update
    • RELEASE UPDATE v5.4.1.23 (2021-10-15)

      • EPC / FPC : Fix issues related to data saving crash in some cases.
      • BUNDLE IMAGING FIBER PHOTOMETRY: Add preset 1 camera, 3 excitations.  Fix load of ROI. Update sensor default brightness to zero.
      • IMAGE ANALYZER : Fix dF/F and RAM related issues.
      • BEHAVIOR CAMERA : Fix color ethernet camera saving issue.
      • Other minor bug fixes.

      RELEASE UPDATE v5.4.1.15 (2021-06-04)

      • LIGHT SOURCE: Fix overdrive issue with some laser model and Starting Delay saving issue in Complex mode
      • BUNDLE IMAGING FIBER PHOTOMETRY: Fix configuration saving, and improve camera handling
      • Other minor bug fixes.


      RELEASE UPDATE v5.4.1.14 (2021-02-25)

      • LIGHT SOURCE: Fix Internal Complex Sequence view and timing (requires firmware update Motherboard 2.18.6 and Channel 4.6.9), and other minor bug fixes. 
      • BUNDLE IMAGING FIBER PHOTOMETRY: The default saving format is now .CSV
      • FP CONSOLE: Fix 'Vmax' value refresh issue when editing analog input channel  - lock-in mode.
      • EPHYS ANALYZER: Fix modified file load data issue


      RELEASE UPDATE v5.4.1.12 (2021-01-04)

      • GENERAL : Add RUN Start All, Stop All in top menu
      • FP CONSOLE : Decimation factor is now saved in configuration
      • LIGHT SOURCE : Add smoothing Edge feature *Requires firmware update
      • LIGHT SOURCE : CW signal in complex mode *Requires firmware update
      • LIGHT SOURCE : Triggered and Gated mode are possible with CW*
      • LIGHT SOURCE : Overdrive display and other minor bug fixes
      • OTPG : Timing bug fix
      • MICROSCOPE : Triggering bug fix
      • BUNDLE IMAGING FIBER PHOTOMETRY : Fix Time Series issue
      • PHOTOMETRY ANALYZER : Add possibility to do file decimation
      • IMAGE ANALYZER : Fix cropping and background removal