Ce:YAG Optical Head (OBSOLETE)

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  • Ce:YAG Light Source where 5 blue laser diodes are focused on Ce:YAG crystal inducing it to emit light spectrum centered at a wavelength of 565 nm and width of 200 nm. This light source is optimized for optical fibers with core diameters from 200 µm to 400 µm and 0.53 numerical aperture. Fibers with larger core diameter and/or larger NAs can be used as long as they have FC type connector. The fiber-coupled output power increases with the core diameter up to about 600 µm.

    Light sources can be controlled manually or using a computer via a USB port and Doric Neuroscience Studio Software. Both channels are controlled independently through software-defined sequences or using the respective BNC input connector for external control by analog or TTL signals. Each channel also includes a BNC connector that outputs a voltage proportional to the driving current. This output signal can be used for the synchronization of other devices. Doric Ce:YAG Drivers safety features include a rear-panel interlock connector, a master key switch, and for each channel, a white LED illuminated knob indicating if the corresponding source is activated. Unlike most commercial drivers, Doric driving electronics eliminates the leakage current and the corresponding light output when the current is set to zero. This is of crucial importance for optogenetics experiments.

    The optical output of Ce:YAG source 5 is ideal for activation/silencing of opsin labeled neurons in optogenetics experiments in general and it is an integral part of Doric Optogenetically Synchronized Fluorescence Microscopy Systems and 2-color Fluorescence Microscope Systems.

  • Optical Connector FC/PC receptacle
    Optical Fiber Multimode
    50 to 960 µm core diameter
    NA 0.22 to 0.66
    Electrical Connector High Power DB-15
    Dimensions 150 mm x 100 mm x 85 mm
    Mass 1300 g
  • updated 2021.03.24
    Typical Ce:YAG optical heads output power vs Optical fiber core diameter

    Typical Output Power (mW)

    Central Wavelength
    Bandwidth FWHM
    Core 100um
    (0.22 NA)
    Core 200um
    (0.53 NA)
    Core 400um
    (0.53 NA)
    Core 960um
    (0.63 NA)

    Full Spectrum 110 8.0 85 230 390
    525 30 2.0 20 50 106

    559 34 2.5 28 70 124

    582 75
    50 125

    593 40
    2.4 28

    612 69
    32 80 130
    465 25 0.4 6.5
    450 <3 75 75 75 75
    473 <3 70 70 70 70

  • Ce:YAG Optical Head
    Ce:YAG + LED/LD Fiber Light Source
      User Manual
    Laser Safety
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