Optogenetics TTL Pulse Generators

Optogenetics TTL Pulse Generators
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  • The optogenetics methods use light pulses to modulate the activity of genetically engineered light sensitive cells like neurons or others. Long gone are the days when a continuous streak of blue light, sent along an optical fiber to a mouse’s brain to make it run, provokes worldwide scientific sensation. These days, even the simplest optogenetics experiments require programmable TTL Pulse Generators to modulate LED or Laser Diode Module Drivers and create a desired light pulse train. When a direct modulation of the light source is not possible, as in the case of some solid state lasers, continuous light beam is modulated using shutters.  

    Our miniaturized Optogenetics TTL Pulse Generators function with our other optogenetics products. The pulse train parameters and its triggering are controlled via Doric Neuroscience Studio software. The generator connects to a computer with a USB cable and to a LED driver or a shutter with a BNC cable. Any channel of a TTL pulse generator can be assigned to a LED driver, a light shutter or it can be used as a trigger for other channels. 

    Example: Four channel pulse generator can control modulation of two LED modules with channels 1 and 2 while channels 3 and 4 are used as respective inputs for triggers.

  • Computer Interface
    USB 2.0
    TTL level
    HI > 3.3 V
    LOW < 1.5 V
    Minimum pulse duration 0.017 ms
    Time Resolution Accuracy 0.001 ms
    Pulse Frequency up to 30 kHz
    Output Voltage TTL 5.0 V (high impedance)
    Output Current max 20 mA per channel
    Input Voltage 0 to 5.0 V (maximum)
    Current Consumption 100 mA (4 ch)
    200 mA (8 ch)
    powered by computer USB port
    Dimensions 4 channels : 135 mm x 58mm x 21 mm
    8 channels : 135 mm x 70 mm x 21 mm
    Mass 4 channels : 100 g
    8 channels : 200 g
  • Optogenetics TTL Pulse Generators (4 ports)
    Optogenetics TTL Pulse Generators (8 ports)
    Optogenetics TTL Pulse Generator
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