Neuroscience Console 500

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  • Neuroscience Console 500 is our new data acquisition hardware that supports multiple modalities in parallel with increased number of ports, higher resolution and faster sampling rate compared to the Doric Fiber Photometry console. It been developed in parallel with a new version of the Doric Neuroscience Studio to manage multiple data sources and visualize multiple data stream in a user-friendly and efficient interface. The main functionalities of the Neuroscience Console 500 are;

      • High resolution analog voltage acquisition with pre-sets for lock-in and time interleaved detection for multi-color, multi-site fiber photometry recordings
      • Doric miniaturized fluorescence microscope recordings
      • Doric electrophysiology recordings
      • Multiple digital input and output (TTL) for synchronization and closed-loop experiment with external device as behavior camera, operant conditioning chamber, video tracking software, optogenetic light sources, ...
      • Keypress event for manual behavior event tagging during recording

    • 3x¬†dedicated port for
      • 1 Doric miniature fluorescence microscope Gen.3
      • 2 Doric ephys tethered digital headstages
      • 4 Doric ephys wireless digital headstage (future)
      • 4 Doric wireless fiber-photometry headstage (soon)
      • Interface 2x HDMI connector
  • DI/O
    Number of port 32
    Maximum sampling rate 50 kSps
    Maximum output frequency 20 kHz
    Interface - 8 BNC I/O,
    - 1 DB25 with 8 Input/Output, 8 Input, and 8 Output
       (DB25 adapter to wires included)
    Analog Output
    Number of port 8
    Output range 0-5 V
    Maximum output frequency 10 kHz
    Resolution 16 bits
    Interface 8 BNC
    Analog Input
    Number of port 8
    Input range +/- 10 V
    Sampling rate Up to 50 kSps
    Resolution 18 bits
    Interface 8 BNC
    Computer requirement
    Operating System Microsoft Windows 10; 64-bit
    Memory 8 GB RAM minimum
    16 GB RAM recommended
    Processor speed 3 GHz and 8 cores
    Hard Drive 500 MB of free hard disk space
    * SSD recommended
    Connection to computer USB-3 (cable included)
    Physical properties
    Size 115x50x400 mm
    Rackmount 1U (bracket included)
  • Neuroscience Console 500