Dual Optofluid Cannulas with Interchangeable Injectors

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  • The precise pitch of the Dual Optofluid Cannula with interchangeable injectors guarantees an optimal bilateral implantation where both light and fluid injection can be used. The interchangeable configuration saves space and weight and can be used with multiple lengths of optical and fluid injector.

    Each cannula ships with two plugs to prevent the guiding tubes from being clogged at implantation and between uses. Since both the optical and fluid injectors do not stay inside the brain for a long time, this cannula has the additional benefit of keeping them free of biological debris.

    Depending on the pitch between the two optical fibers, two receptacle types are offered: small (S) and large (L). The model S is required when the pitch is equal to or smaller than 1.7 mm The minimum possible distance between the tubes is the guiding tube diameter. For pitch more than 1.7 mm, the model L is needed.

    Optical Injector and Fluid Injectors for Dual Optofluid Cannulas must be ordered separately. Be careful to order the right amount of injectors.
    • The tubing internal diameter must match the optical injector fiber core diameter (see tables in section GUIDING TUBE CODES).
    • Polyethylene tube to connect a fluid delivery system is sold separately.

  • Fluid Connector
     Stainless tube 485 µm OD
     (compatible with 25ga tubing)
    Fluid Tubing ID Glass 100 µm inner diameter
    Polyimide 140 µm inner diameter
    Injector Dead Volume L
    Glass  110 nL + 8 nL / mm fiber length
    Polyimide  210 nL + 15.4 nL / mm fiber length
    Glass  170 nL + 8 nL / mm fiber length
    Polyimide  330 nL + 15.4 nL / mm fiber length
    Base Dimension see drawing
  • Optical Injector Guiding Tube
    Core Diameter
    Inner Diameter
    Outer Diameter
    100 250 350
    200 320 430
    300, 400 530 660

    Fiber Optic Codes For Multiple Fluid Injection cannula
    Core (μm) Outer (μm) NA Buffer Color Outer Layer Fiber-Optic Code
    100 125 0.22 Yellow Polyimide 100/125-0.22
    100 125 0.37 Yellow Polyimide 100/125-0.37
    100 125 0.66 Clear Borosilicate 100/125-0.66
    200 240 0.22 Yellow Polyimide 200/240-0.22
    200 245 0.37 Yellow Polyimide 200/245-0.37
    200 250 0.66 Clear Borosilicate 200/250-0.66
    300 360 0.37 Yellow Polyimide 300/360-0.37
    300 370 0.22 Yellow Polyimide 300/370-0.22
    400 430 0.66 Clear Borosilicate 400/430-0.66
    400 470 0.37 Yellow Polyimide 400/470-0.37
    400 480 0.22 Yellow Polyimide 400/480-0.22

    * Angled(A45, A60) and mirror (MA45) tips are not offered.
  • Drawing

    Dual Optofluid Cannulas with Interchangeable Injectors model S

    Dual Optofluid Cannulas with Interchangeable Injectors model L

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    Optofluid Cannulas Implantation and Fluid Injection