Assisted Electrical Rotary Joints - 24 contacts

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  • The Assisted Electrical Rotary Joint is a rotary joint that transmits electrical signal over 24 contacts. Compared to our passive Electrical Rotary Joint, the motor Assisted Electrical Rotary Joint is effectively frictionless, thus allowing its use with mice. The rotary joint is primarily used in electrophysiology with small animal subjects.


    • The number of electrical contacts does not necessarily equal the number of recording channels.

    • The torque sensor included with the Assisted Electrical Rotary Joints is also used as a cable holder with its rod and its clamp. The adapter to secure the rotary joint on the sensor is preinstalled.

  • Electrical Connector HDMI + 4 (Molex Micro-fit 3.0 Dual Row 4 Contacts Connector)
    2x PZN-12 (Omnetics Polarized Nano 12 Contacts)
    2x HARWIN (Datamate L-Tek 12 pos 2 row)
    Number of contacts 24
    Simple resistance < 0.5  Ω
    Resistance variation during rotation
    (constant rotation)
    < 0.025 Ω @ 5V DC
    Start up torque < 20 µN·m
    Rotation speed up to 40 rpm
    Through-hole diameter 12.7 mm
    Power Supply 10W mini USB (included)
  • Tests that have been performed showed the compatibility of the following third party systems with the Assisted Electrical Rotary Joints – 24 channels:

    Compatibility of the rotary joint with other devices
    Company Product Connectors Adaptor (if necessary)
    Blackrock Microsystem CerePlex M HDMI+4 -
    CerePlex µ HDMI+4 -
    Intan Technologies RHD 16/32/64/128ch  2xPZN12 -
    2xHARWIN Harwin 12 to Omnetics 12 Adapter
    Neuropixels Neuropixels 1.0 HDMI+4 Adapter HDMI Neuropixel
    Neuropixels 2.0
    HDMI+4 Adapter HDMI Neuropixel
    Pinnacle Technology Inc EEG/EMG 3CH HDMI+4 Adapter HDMI PINNACLE 3 channels
    EEG/EMG 4CH HDMI+4 Adapter HDMI PINNACLE 4 channels
    UCLA Miniscope Miniscope V.4 HDMI+4 HDMI to UCLA Miniscope Adapter
    2xPZN12 PZN12 to UCLA Miniscope Adapter
    White Matter LLC eCube HDMI+4 Provided by White Matter LLC
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    Assisted Electrical and Hybrid Rotary Joints

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    Assisted 24 Channel Rotary Joint