16 Channel Ephys Headstage

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  • The 16 channel Ephys Headstage is a small and lightweight electronic component that connects to the electrical part of an opto-electric cannula chronically implanted on the head of a small behaving animal. It amplifies and digitizes the analog signals received from the cannula's electrodes and sends them to an electrophysiology console over a tiny flexible electrical cable or tether. Each headstage contains an Intan RHD2132 amplifier chip and connectors to the digital interface cable and opto-electric cannula.

  • ADC amplifier  Intan RHD2132
    Connectivity  - Omnetics PZN-12 to data acquisition
     - Omnetics NSD-18-AA-GS to electrodes
    Dimensions  19 mm x 15 mm x 10 mm
    Mass  0.8 grams
  • 16 Channel Ephys Headstage