Tethered Ephys Headstage

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  • The Tethered Ephys Headstage is an electronic component that connects to a chronically implanted opto-electric cannula on the head of an animal to record data from implanted electrodes and communicates with an electrophysiology console by a small and flexible electrical cable. Headstage are small and lightweight, making them suitable for freely moving experiments on small rodents.

    Electrodes signal are completely amplified and digitized at the headstage level, making the electrophysiological recordings unaffected by external noise. Each headstage contains an Intan RHD2132 amplifier chip with connectors to the digital interface cable and to the opto-electric cannulas.

  • ADC amplifier  Intan RHD2132
    Connectivity  - Omnetics PZN-12 to data acquisition
     - Omnetics PZN-18 to electrodes
    Dimensions  19 mm x 15 mm x 10 mm
    Mass  0.8 grams