Single-shot Fluid Injection Cannulas

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  • Optogenetics experiments often require delivering virus-born opsins to targeted cells or neurons. Typical Optical fiber Single-shot Fluid Injection Cannulas with code name OsFC has an optical fiber and a side tubing pre-loaded with a fluid and virus-born opsins. The liquid is injected after the cannula implantation surgery. Upon the first injection, the fluid passage could be clogged, and for this reason, a second injection is not recommended.

    This cannula connects to the liquid delivery system with a flexible tube that attaches to the metal tube on the cannula.

    There are several options for Fiber Length and Tubing Protrusion. Tubing Protrusion is defined relative to the optical fiber distal end, i.e., for equal length, tubing protrusion is 0 mm.

    • Only Flat, Conical (C45, C60), and DFL tips are offered with this product.
    • A 2-meter length of polyethylene tubing for connecting a fluid delivery system to the cannula is sold separately.
    • Stereotaxic Cannula Holders and Receptacle adapters are available for securing the Single-shot Fluid Injection Cannula during the implantation.
  • Optical Connector  CM3
    Optical Transmission  > 80 %
    Fluid Connector
     Stainless tube 485 µm OD
     (compatible with 25ga tubing)
    Fluid Tubing ID 100 µm inner diameter
    Dead Volume 110 nL + 8 nL / mm fiber length  
    Base Dimension see drawing
    Mass  0.5 g

  • Core (μm) Outer (μm) NA Buffer Color Outer Layer Fiber-Optic Code
    100 125 0.22 Yellow Polyimide
    100 125 0.37 Yellow Polyimide
    100 125 0.66 Clear Borosilicate
    200 240 0.22 Yellow Polyimide
    200 245 0.37 Yellow Polyimide
    200 250 0.66 Clear Borosilicate 200/250-0.66
    300 370 0.22 Yellow Polyimide
    300 360 0.37 Yellow Polyimide
    400 480 0.22 Yellow Polyimide 400/480-0.22
    400 470 0.37 Yellow Polyimide 400/470-0.37
    400 430 0.55 Clear Borosilicate
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    Single-shot Fluid Injection Cannulas

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    Optofluid Cannulas Implantation and Fluid Injection