Single-cell Optoelectric Probe Adapter (OBSOLETE)

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  • The link between the Single-cell Opto-electric Probe Holder and the Single-cell Opto-electric Probe Tip is assured by the Single-cell Opto-electric Probe Adapter. This junction component maintains and aligns the two optical cores together allowing a maximum amount of light to be guided towards the tip. Its electrical output insures the electrical connection between the electrophysiological recording system and the electrolyte filled core. The electrical ends with a standard BNC connector that can be modified upon request.

    The Single-cell Recording Opto-electric Probes are perfectly suited for in vivo single-cell electrophysiological recordings, optogenetic stimulation and photometry monitoring. See Recording the Illuminated Neuron animation from Biomedical Communications on Vimeo.

    • 0.2 m is the standard cable length. Short length is recommended.
    • The BNC connector is not coaxial, and has no ground.
  • Single-cell Optical and Electrical Recordings
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