Single-cell Optoelectric Probe Tips (OBSOLETE)

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  • A Single-cell Recording Optoelectric Probe Tip is a piece of dual core optical fiber with a 500 µm optical core and a 250 µm hollow core for electrolyte filling with one end pulled and cut to a 10 µm diameter tip as illustrated above. The probe tip is simply inserted into dedicated Single-cell Recording Optoelectric Probe Holder. A black coating can be added to minimize the light output/input in the shoulder of the tapered part of the probe.

    The Single-cell Recording Optoelectric Probes are perfectly suited for in vivo single-cell electrophysiological recordings, optogenetic stimulation and photometry monitoring.

    See Recording the Illuminated Neuron animation from Biomedical Communications on Vimeo.

    • Optoelectric probe tips are sold in lots of 20 units.
    • 10 µm is the standard fiber tip diameter. Other values on request.

  • Optical fiber NA 0.23
    Pulled tip diameter 10 µm, Optical core and hollow core ratio is preserved. Other tip diameters available on request
    Fiber diameter 1 mm
    Hollow core diameter 250 µm, For electrolyte filling, off-centered
    Optical fiber core diameter 500 µm, Off-centered
    Shank (taper) length 3-7 mm
    Total length 30-35 mm

  • Single-cell Optoelectric Probe Tips
    Single-cell Optical and Electrical Recordings
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