Single-cell Opto-electric Probe Holder

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  • The Single-cell Recording Opto-electric Probe Holder consists of a fiber-optic patch cord in a rigid tubing. It offers an appropriate optical connection between the probe core in the Single-cell Opto-electric Probe Adapter and the light module. It can be fixed to a stereotaxic apparatus with our Stereotaxic Clamp.

    The Single-cell Recording Opto-electric Probes are perfectly suited for in vivo single-cell electrophysiological recordings, optogenetic stimulation and photometry monitoring.

    • An 550 µm core diameter - NA0.22 optical fiber length of 1.0 m is used to maximize collection and minimize the autofluorescence.
    • The rod has a standard length of 150 mm.
    • An optional clamp can be used to fix the holder on stereotaxic apparatus.

  • Single-cell Optical and Electrical Recordings
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