Rotary Bundle-imaging Fluorescence Mini Cubes - GCaMP, Yellow Optogenetics

Rotary Bundle-imaging Fluorescence Mini Cubes - GCaMP, Yellow Optogenetics
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  • This 3 ports Rotary Bundle-imaging Fluorescence Mini Cube (RBFMC) combines Isosbestic & Functional GCaMP excitations with yellow optogenetic excitation. Isosbestic and functional fluorescence signals are recorded on a single integrated image sensor by interleaving the excitation signals. By bundling the connective patch cords together and using a camera, it is possible to measure a great number of sites at once. The field of view is Ø1.25 mm, which limits applicable bundle diameter. For a larger field of view, consider the non-rotating  Bundle-imaging Fiber Photometry Systems.

    The RBFMCs are easily attached to or removed from a dedicated assisted rotary joint. The assisted rotary joint for BFMC can be ordered separately or added to an existing system.
    Other rotary joints and bundle-imaging fluorescent mini cubes are not compatible with rotary bundle fluorescent mini cubes devices.

  •    Wavelength range   350 to 1100 nm
       Field of view   Ø1.25 mm
       Objective NA   0.50
      Maximum number of sites
      * could be limited by patchcord manufacturing
    - 7x core 400 µm NA0.57
    - 20x core 200 µm NA0.57
    - 90x core 100 µm NA0.37
       Excitation Uniformity   10% over FOV
       Optical fiber compatibility - Core diameter 100, 200, or 400 µm
    - NA 0.37 to 0.57
       Spectral bandwidth - Excitation #1 : 405-410 or 410-415 nm
    - Excitation #2 : 460-490 nm
    - Emission #1 : 500-550 nm
    - Opto #1 : 580-650 nm
       Optical filter attenuation > OD 5 outside band
       Optical fiber connector  SMA
       Dimensions  65 mm x 39 mm x 159 mm
       Type   CMOS Image sensor
      540 x 540 px
       Pixel Size
      6.9 µm x 6.9 µm
       Frame rate
      up to 100 Hz
       Computer interface   USB 2.0 
  • Rotary Bundle-imaging Fluorescence Mini Cubes