Reduced Footprint Imaging Cannula Model L

Reduced Footprint Imaging Cannula Model L
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  • The Reduced Footprint Imaging Cannula has been designed with an outer diameter of the base as small as 3.5 mm to image exiguous area of the brain (e.g. olfactory bulb). In the Reduced Footprint Imaging Cannula, the GRIN lens protrusion length is user defined with steps of 250 microns. There is no protrusion adjustment ring. Reduced Footprint Snap-in Imaging Cannulas Model L are compatible with:

    Notes: The protrusion length of the GRIN lens is determined from the base of the imaging cannula to its tip.

     Cannula type  GRIN lens protrusion length
    (0.25mm increments)
    0 - 3.0 mm
    2.5 - 5.4 mm
    4.9 - 7.8 mm
    SFMB/OSFM Application Note