Assisted 2x2 Pigtailed Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joint - 24 contacts

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  • The Pigtailed 2x2 Assisted Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joint allows frictionless rotation of 2 independent optical channels and 24 electrical contacts thanks to motorized assistance.

    The rotary joint detects torsion in fiber-optic patch cords connecting it to a moving animal, turning the rotor and allowing the animal to move freely without discomfort.

    When a high-stability output is required, the Pigtailed 2x2 Assisted Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joint is recommended. These rotary joint have pigtailed, 1 m long FC-connectorized patch cords connected to the optical inputs while the optical output uses two M3 receptacle. The pigtailed patch cords use a 200 or 400 μm core, 0.37 NA or 0.57 NA optical fibers. An ARMO jacket is used to protect the patch cords for maximum reliability.

  • Electrical Connector HDMI+4 (Molex Micro-fit 3.0 Dual Row 4 Contacts Connector)
    2x PZN-12 (Omnetics Polarized Nano 12 Contacts)
    2x HARWIN (Datamate L-Tek 12 pos 2 row)
    Optical Fiber see options
    Input Fiber (stator)
    2x 1 meter long, ARMO Black jacket, FC/PC
    Output Connectors (rotor)
    2x M3 receptacles
    Transmission > 50 % (60% typical)
    Maximum variation < 1.5 % peak-to-peak
    Design Wavelength 530 nm
    Electrical Connectors see options
    Number of contacts 24
    Simple Resistance < 0.5 Ω
    Rotation Speed up to 40 rpm
    Maximum Current 2 A per contact
    Start up Torque < 200 µN·m
    Rotation Speed up to 40 rpm
    Power Supply 10W mini USB (included)
  • Assisted 2x2 Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joint