Optofluid Cannula with interchangeable injectors

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  • The Optofluid Cannula with interchangeable injectors (iOFC) provides a simple way to use both light and fluid injection when they are not required at the same time. The interchangeable configuration saves space and weight and can be used with optical and fluid injector of different lengths. The threaded body ensures a secure connection for the injectors.

    Each cannula ships with a plug to prevent the guiding tube from clogging at implantation and between uses. Since both the optical and fluid injector does not stay inside the brain for a prolonged time, the plug is placed back when the cannula is not in use to keep it free of biological debris.

    • Optical Injector and Fluid Injector must be ordered separately.
    • The tubing internal diameter must match the optical injector external diameter (see the tables in section GUIDING TUBE CODES).
    • A Stereotaxic Cannula Holder is available for implantation to secure the Optofluid Cannula with interchangeable injectors. The plug (included with the cannula) is used to fix the holder on the Optofluid Cannula.
    • A 2-meter length of polyethylene tube is sold separately to connect a fluid delivery system to the cannula.

  • Optical Injector
    Guiding Tube Guiding Tube Code
    Outer Diameter
    ( μm ) 
    Inner Diameter
    ( μm )
    Outer Diameter
    ( μm )
    70 to 125 250 350 250/350
    230 to 250 320 430 320/430
    360 to 500 530 660 530/660

  • Optofluid Cannula with interchangeable injectors M3
    Optofluid Cannula with interchangeable injectors ZF
    Optofluid Cannulas Implantation and fluid injection
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