Optoelectric Cannulas - single electrode

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  • The most straightforward configuration comprises a single 200 µm core diameter optical fiber of 0.22 NA and a 75 µm diameter metallic wire of 3MΩ impedance as an electrode. A grooved 1.25 mm zirconia ferrule has optical fiber in its central hole and the electrode embedded in its groove. The contacts with corresponding optoelectric patchcord are maintained with a bronze sleeve.

    Other optical fiber, electrode types and multiple electrodes or even multiple fiber configurations are available upon request.

    • The electrode protrusion is the distance (mm) between the fiber tip and the electrode tip. Positive protrusion indicates the electrode is more prolonged than optical fiber.
    • Stereotaxic Cannula Holders and Ferrule Receptacle adapters are available for implantation to secure the Mono Optoelectric Cannulas (SCH and FCA).
    • More information on our electrodes can be found in this document (PDF).
  • DESCRIPTION Impedance
     50 µm tungsten wire with flat tip  0.1 to 0.5 M  LFP W50-FLT
     50 µm tungsten wire with 45 deg angled tip  0.1 to 0.5 M  LFP W50-A45
     75 µm tungsten wire with tapered tip  0.1 M  LFP 0.1M-75
     0.5 M  LFP 0.5M-75
     1.0 M  Multi unit 1.0M-75
     1.5 M  Multi unit 1.5M-75
     2.0 M  Single and Multi unit 2.0M-75
     2.5 M  Single and Multi unit 2.5M-75
     3.0 M  Single unit 3.0M-75
     5.0 M  Single unit 5.0M-75
     125 µm tungsten wire with tapered tip  0.1 M  Deep Chronic implant, LFP 0.1M-125
     0.5 M  Deep Chronic implant, LFP 0.5M-125
     1.0 M  Deep Chronic implant, Multi unit 1.0M-125
     1.5 M  Deep Chronic implant, Multi unit 1.5M-125
     2.0 M  Deep Chronic implant, Single and Multi unit 2.0M-125
     2.5 M  Deep Chronic implant, Single and Multi unit 2.5M-125
     3.0 M  Deep Chronic implant, Single unit 3.0M-125
     5.0 M  Deep Chronic implant, Single unit 5.0M-125
  • Click to download the Application Note

    The light propagation into brain tissue will vary with the optical fiber type and the light source parameters.  It can be visualized in this 
    Application Note (the French version is available here).

    Description Drawing Code Note
    Flat Tip FLT
    Conical Tip



    Rounded tip thickness: ~0.1x to 0.2x core diameter

    Standard angles: 45°,  60°

    Other angles on request (max 60°)

    Taper Tip TAPER 
  • Optoelectric Cannulas ZF1.25
    Optoelectric Cannulas
      Application note