Multiple Fluid Injections Cannulas

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  • The Optical fiber Multiple Fluid Injection Cannula (OmFC) is used for light delivery and repeated drug or light-sensitive dye injections. Its continuous guiding tube path permits multiple insertions of a fluid injector pre-loaded with pharmacological agents, viruses, or plasmids. The user selects the cannula's optical fiber and guiding tube lengths to reach the targeted brain region. After the surgery and before fluid delivery, the fluid injector must be fully inserted into the cannula guiding tube. The liquid injector consists of a 1.25 mm ferrule and a corresponding sleeve connector. The cannula includes a plug for the guiding tube when the injector is not in place. The plug is 100 µm longer than the guiding tube protrusion to avoid clogging.


    • A holder is available for implantation to secure the Multiple Fluid Injections Cannulas (SCH_OmFC).
    • The Fluid Injector for the Multiple Fluid Injections Cannulas must be ordered separately (FI_OmFC).
    • A 2-meter length of polyethylene tubing is sold separately to connect a fluid delivery system to the cannula (PT_OFC_2).

  • Optical Transmission  > 80 %
    Fluid Connector
     Stainless tube 485 µm OD
     (compatible with 25ga tubing)
    Fluid Tubing ID 100 µm inner diameter
    Dead Volume 170 nL + 8 nL / mm fiber length
    Base Dimension see drawing

  • Core (μm) Outer (μm) NA Buffer Color Outer Layer Fiber-Optic Code
    100 125 0.22 Yellow Polyimide
    100 125 0.37 Yellow Polyimide
    100 125 0.66 Clear Borosilicate
    200 240 0.22 Yellow Polyimide
    200 245 0.37 Yellow Polyimide
    200 250 0.66 Clear Borosilicate 200/250-0.66
    300 370 0.22 Yellow Polyimide
    300 360 0.37 Yellow Polyimide
    400 480 0.22 Yellow Polyimide 400/480-0.22
    400 470 0.37 Yellow Polyimide 400/470-0.37
    400 430 0.55 Clear Borosilicate

    * Not offered with conical tip (C45, C60)
    † Not offered with 45o mirror tip (MA45)
    ‡ Only for fiber lengths inferior to 5 mm
  • Multiple Fluid Injections Cannulas SM3
    Multiple Fluid Injections Cannulas ZF1.25
    Optofluid Cannulas Implantation and fluid injection
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