High-density Fiber-optic Cannula Array

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  • High-Density Fiber-optic Cannula Array features implantable fibers in a hexagonal pattern of 19 holes with 465 µm pitch. The custom optical fiber array patterns that fit selected brain targets are built by placing fibers in appropriate holes. The optical fiber protrusion of each fiber within the array is factory set to the desired length. The insertion of the optical fibers into the brain tissue is facilitated if its tips are angled or conical. The back of the cannula body is made in a form of a receptacle with an orientation guiding pin. High-Density Fiber-optic Cannula Array allows for up to 19 separate optical fiber connections for optical recording and/or stimulation.

    High Density Fiber-optic Cannula Array High Density Fiber-optic Cannula Array

    Matching fiber-optic patch cord with a multiple fiber connector facing the receptacle of fiber-optic cannula array is made with the identical hexagonal pattern and can be securely fastened to the cannula array with a threaded barrel. The configuration of the other end of the fiber-optic patch cord depends on the type of optical recording and/or stimulation system.

    For 2 or 3 brain targets, an equal number of single-site optogenetics and/or fiber photometry systems can be used in conjunction with this array. For 4 to 19 brain targets, we recommend using the Doric Bundle-imaging Fiber-photometry system where the signals from each fiber within the bundle are re-imaged on a single CMOS or sCMOS chip.

  • Transmission > 75%
    *tested with 200 µm core - NA0.22 optical fibres
    Optical Fiber
    100 or 200 μm core
    NA 0.66
    Protrusion Length Tolerance +/- 0.1 mm
    Base Dimension
    7.0 x 5.8 mm
    Mass 380 mg
  • High Density FCA DRAWING
    High Density Cannula Pattern Configuration Form