Fluorescence Mini Cube - GCaMP (4 ports)

Fluorescence Mini Cube - GCaMP (4 ports)
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  • In order to optimize signal detection and simplify usage, it is desirable to minimize the number of fiber optic connections to a Fluorescence Mini Cube. By taking advantages of the new Doric Fluorescence Detector, and our Built-in LED Optical Heads, it is possible to have an Integrated Fluorescence Mini Cube.

    • The Built-in Fluorescence Detector allows for an increase in signal transmission of 30 % due to the proximity of the detector active surface and signal source, as well as the reduced number of optical connections. A Fluorescence Detector Amplifier is provided for each detector head.

    • The Built-in LED Optical Head removes the need for light source patch cords. The Intensity Adjustment Ring allows additional fine control of light intensity, ideal for low-power fiber photometry experiments.

    Single excitation band fiber photometry measurements use a Fluorescence Mini Cube with 3 ports; one port for the excitation light, one for the fluorescence detection and one for the sample being tested. The cube has a dichroic mirror to separate the excitation light from the fluorescence emission and narrow bandpass filters that limit the excitation or fluorescence spectrum. Currently we offer configurations for Green Fluorophore (GFP-like) and Red Fluorophore (RFP-like), but filters set can be customized to most fluorophore on request.

    On the image E is for excitation, F for fluorescence and S is for the fixed sample port.

    The 540-570 nm Excitation Band Built-in LED Optical Head does not include an Intensity Adjustment Ring.

  • Mini Cube
    Wavelength range 350 to 1100 nm
    Optical fiber compatibility - Core diameter 200 or 400 µm
    - NA 0.37 to 0.57
    Spectral bandwidth

    GCaMP :
    - Isosbestic Excitation 400-410 nm
    - Excitation 460-490 nm
    - Emission 500-550 nm

    Optical filter attenuation > OD 5 outside band
    Dimensions 57 mm x 63 mm x 26 mm
    Built-in Detectors
    Detector Sensitivity - 0.38 A/W @ 550 nm
    - 0.60 A/W @ 960 nm (peak)
    Amplification 3 levels : 1x, 10x, 100x
    Transimpedance gain - 2.0 E09 V / A (1x)
    - 2.0 E10 V / A (10x)
    - 2.0 E11 V / A (100x)
    Conversion gain
    @ 550 nm
    - 0.76 V / nW (1x)
    - 7.60 V / nW (10x)
    - 76.0 V / nW (100x)
    Saturation level
    @ 550 nm
    - 7.2 nW (1x)
    - 0.72 nW (10x)
    - 72 pW (100x)
    NEP < 12 fW/√Hz
    Bandwidth - DC : 0 - 1000 Hz
    - AC : 30 - 1000 Hz
    Electrical interface BNC
    Output Voltage 0.0 to 5.5 V
    Output impedance 50 Ω
    Sensor type Silicon photodiode
    Sensor Area 1 x 1 mm
    Input voltage 12 V DC (power supply included)
    Built-in LEDs
    Max Current 200 mA
    Emitter size 400 µm diameter - NA0.22
    Max Output Power
    (fibre 400 µm)
    LED 400-410 nm
    = 1.0 to 90 µW (adjustable)
    LED 460-490 nm
    = 1.5 to 120 µW (adjustable)
      (FC connector on all ports)
    iFMC4 Gen 2 DRAWING
      (Built-in DETECTOR Gen.2)
    ilFMC4 Gen 2 DRAWING
      (Built-in LED and DETECTOR Gen.2)
      Built-in detector Gen.2
      FC connector on all ports
    iFMC Gen.1 vs. Gen.2 comparison
      Built-in detector FMC compare Gen.2 vs. Gen.1
      Built-in DETECTOR - Gen 1