Fiber Photometry Rack for FMC7

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  • This rack-mount (19'') photometry rack allows for the housing of more complex systems requiring the bigger 4-channel LED driver. It is suitable for use with systems containing FMC6 or FMC7, or for multi-site fiber photometry systems as the 2-site 2-color Fiber Photometry Systems for GFP and RFP.

  • Dimensions 375 mm x 483 mm x 200 mm

  • PR_7 Drawing
      FMC & iFMC/ilFMC Gen.1
    PR_7 Mounting Sheet
      Mounting Sheet for FMC & iFMC/ilFMC Gen.1
    PR_7 Drawing
      iFMC/ilFMC Gen.2
    PR_7 Mounting Sheet
      Mounting Sheet for iFMC/ilFMC Gen.2