Fiber-optic & Liquid Rotary Joints

Fiber-optic & Liquid Rotary Joints
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  • Our Fiber-optic & Liquid Rotary Joint consists of an optical arrangement allowing the passage of fluid into a small tubing that minimize the perturbation of the light transmission during the rotation.

    This rotary-joint is used with standard fluid swivels.  Our standard product is provided with 1- channel stainless steel swivel serie 375 from Instech Laboratories Inc.  If more fluid channels are needed, it can be adapted to work with the 2- or 5- channels fluid swivels. Up to 8 fluid channels are possible on the rotary joint.

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    • To prevent cross-contamination, additional tubings can be ordered separately.

  • Optical Fiber
    designed to use with 200 µm core - NA 0.22
    Transmission Variation ± 5 % in rotation
    - 10% drop when tubing crosses light path
    Wavelength Range
    450 - 650 nm
    Start up torque
    150 μN*m without fluid swivel
    600 μN*m with 1-channel fluid swivel
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    Fiber-optic & Liquid Rotary Joints

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    Fiber-optic & Liquid Rotary Joint