Passive 1x1 Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joints - 12 contacts

Passive 1x1 Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joints - 12 contacts
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  • To facilitate in vivo experiments combining the light stimulation and electrophysiological recordings in optogenetics experiments, we have developed a passive low torque hybrid rotary joint with a number of electrical channels and one optical channel. The FC receptacles on both ends of the rotary joint allow the connection of the input and output fiber-optic patch cords. This product is more compact than the combination of the electrical rotary joint and the 1x1 fiber-optic rotary joint where the optical fiber is passed through the central hole of the electrical joint.

    Notes :
    • The holder for the Fiber-optic & Electrical Rotary Joint is included.
    • An optional horizontal cable holder keeping cables off-center can be added to increase the effective torque applied on the rotor and help the rotation (HCH). The Fiber-optic & Electrical Rotary Joints come with the pre-installed adapter allowing the fixing on the optional horizontal cable holder.
    • An optional gimbal holder can be used to pivot and rotate the rotary joint around an axis (GH_FRJ).
    • The output fiber-optic patch cords are sold separately.
    • An optional adapter kit can be provided to allow a Harwin-connectorized rotary joint to be used with an Omnetics-connectorized systems (ADAPTER_HO12).


  • Maximum variation 2%
    Transmission 80%
    Input NA 0.22
    Output NA 0.22
    Harwin Electrical Connector Male Datamate L-Tek, 2 mm pitch, 2 rows of 12
    HDMI Electrical Connector Female Blackrock 2 Pinout, Microscope Pinout
    Number of contacts 12
    Contact material Gold
    Contact resistance Less than 500 mOhm
    Resistance variation during rotation (constant rotation) Less than 100 mOhm at 5 VDC
    Maximum current (typical) 2 A per contact
    Start up torque 0.9 mN·m (for 6 contacts) or 1.8 mN·m (for 12 contacts)
    Rotation speed up to 300 rpm
    Length 60 mm
    Outer Diameter 45 mm
    Mass 128 g
    Holder Holder_FRJ_large included
    Note Tested with 200 µm core NA 0.22 fiber-optic patch cords