Fiber-optic Cannula Array

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  • Some optogenetics experiments targeting multiple excitation sites may require a one-dimensional 1 x n fiber cannula array or multi-dimensional m x n fiber cannula array with fibers arranged in a single or multiple rows of parallel fibers within a fiber array.

    The distance between fibers within the same row, the distance between the rows, and the protrusion of each fiber are adjustable to a certain degree. On the other side of these cannulas, the fibers are bundled together, ready to connect to the corresponding fiber patch cord without needing a particular orientation.
    In this way, similar levels of illumination are obtained around each fiber tip. The precision of the center-to-center distance between the fibers is within a few microns, while the protrusion lengths of these fibers are within 100 µm precision.

    These arrays are available with several standard fiber diameters and numerical apertures of 0.22 or 0.37.

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