Fi-Wi Cannula Implantation Holder

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  • The Fi-Wi Cannula Holder is designed to secure the Fi-Wi Opto-electric Cannula during the implantation. The Fiberless & Wireless Headstage can be connected to the cannula when this one is on the holder, allowing the activation of the LED and the recording with the electrodes for a better positioning of the cannula during implantation. This holder offers the possibility of installing the cannula with the headstage in two different orientations.

    • An adapter of 10 cm long can be added at one end of the holder (SIA).
    • An optional clamp (SCL) can be used to fix the Fi-Wi Cannula Holder on stereotaxic apparatus.
  • FiWi_OE_System-MANUAL
      Version 2.0.1
      Fi-Wi cannula implantation holder