Passive Electrical Rotary Joints - 12 contacts

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  • We have developed a passive Electrical Rotary Joint usable for electrophysiological experiments that can be combined with fiber-optic rotary joints (1x1 or 1x2) to bring light to and/or from the sample. Its 7.2 mm through hole in the center is sufficient for passing fiberoptic patch cords with M3 connectors or ferrule/sleeve type connectors. It is also convenient for fluid tubing allowing drugs administration during electrophysiological experiments with freely-moving animals. Our Electrical Rotary Joint has a torque of 1.8 mN·m for 12 electrical contacts, this is acceptable for use with rats or larger animals. They are optimized to offer the best electric signal with the lowest torque, given that stable electrical transmission with small resistivity variations during rotation requires the increase of contact areas between each electrical contact. For small animals like mice, we recommend our Assisted Electrical Rotary Joints to remove the torque originating from the friction of the electrical contacts.

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      • 1 Passive Electrical Rotary Joints - 12 contacts
      • 1 Holder for the Passive Electrical Rotary Joints - 12 contacts (If the Electrical Rotary Joints is used only for electrophysiology, without any additional fiberoptic rotary joints, a compatible holder is included, else a holder allowing the mounting of an Electrical Rotary Joint with a Fiber-optic Rotary Joint (1x1 or 1x2) are included
      • 1 adapter allowing the fixing on the optional horizontal cable holder

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    • The number of electrical contacts does not necessarily equal the number of recording channels.


  • Harwin Electrical Connector Male Datamate L-Tek, 2 mm pitch, 2 rows of 12
    HDMI Electrical Connector Female Blackrock 2 Pinout, Microscope Pinout
    Number of contacts 12
    Contact material Gold
    Contact resistance Less than 500 mOhm
    Resistance variation during rotation (constant rotation) Less than 100 mOhm at 5 VDC
    Maximum current (typical) 2 A per contact
    Start up torque 1.8 mN·m
    Rotation speed up to 300 rpm
    Length 60 mm
    Outer Diameter 45 mm
    Through-hole diameter 7.5 mm
    Mass 123 g
    Holder Included: Holder_ERJ, Holder_FRJ_small and Holder_FRJ_large
  • Passive Electrical Rotary Joints HARW - 12 contacts
    Passive Electrical Rotary Joints HDMI - 12 contacts
    Electrical Rotary Joint
      User Manual