Attenuating Mono Fiber-optic Patch Cords

Attenuating Mono Fiber-optic Patch Cords
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  • Fiber-optic patch cords with an integrated attenuating filter are ideal for applications where optical power coupled into a fiber is too high, i.e. fiber photometry excitation. Addition of attenuating filter does not affect light distribution inside the optical fiber, only transmission is reduced. Different optical fibers or attenuating factors are possible.


    • For attenuating patch cords, optical transmission is specified for visible light, and measured at a 465 nm wavelength. Please note that for a 405 nm wavelength (UV), the transmission value is about half of the specification for visible light.
    • Other fiber-optic lengths and jackets are available on custom request.
    • An attenuating filter can also be integrated to Branching Fiber-optic Patch cords on custom request. 

     Comparison Table : Patch cord Optical Fiber Type
    Fiber-optic Material Borosilicate Silica/Silica Silica/Polymer Plastic
     Core Glass Glass Glass Plastic
     Cladding Glass Glass Polymer Polymer
     Numerical Aperture 0.66 0.22 - 0.37 0.48 - 0.57 0.50 - 0.63
     Flexibility Poor Good Good Excellent
     Auto-Fluorescence Good Excellent Good Poor
     Fiber Photometry N/A
    (too fragile)
    Good* Good* Not recommended
    (high AF)
     Optogenetics LED Source N/A
    (too fragile)
    Not recommended
    (low NA)
    Good BEST
     Optogenetics Laser Source N/A
    (too fragile)
    BEST Good Good

  • Optical Transmission 1 %, 2 %, 5 %, 10 % @ 465 nm

  • Outer Diameter (μm)
    Buffer Jacket NA Fiber-optic Code
    200 220 240 LWMJ 0.22 200/220/LWMJ-0.22
    200 220 245 LWMJ 0.37 200/220/LWMJ-0.37
    200 230 500 LWMJ 0.48 200/230/LWMJ-0.48
    400 430 730 LWMJ 0.48 400/430/LWMJ-0.48
    400 440 470 LWMJ 0.37 400/440/LWMJ-0.37
    400 440 480 LWMJ 0.22 400/440/LWMJ-0.22

  • Attenuating Patch Cord