Assisted 1x1 Pigtailed Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joints - 24 contacts

Assisted 1x1 Pigtailed Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joints - 24 contacts
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  • The Assisted Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joint is electrically driven as it senses and follows the tethered animal’s rotations. It detects the torsion of the optical cable during animal movement and releases it with a very high sensitivity. The assistance of this rotary joint helps to counter the frictional force of the internal slip-ring and offers quality transmission of electrical signal during any experiment with freely-moving small animals like mice. It comes with 24 electrical channels and one optical channel.


    • The 24-channel Assisted Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joints uses the aspheric (AH) lenses with 0.50 NA optimized for reduced optical aberration. It is designed for use at a wavelength of 470 nm, but work in visible range 450-650 nm.

    • The model with 400 µm core - NA0.57 optical fiber and HDMI electrical connector is specifically designed to use with Twist-on efocus microscope Systems.

    • The holder for the Assisted Fiber-optic & Electric Rotary Joint is included.

    • The output fiber-optic patch cords are also included.

    Contact us to discuss the possibility of custom design.
  • Optical Fiber (Stator)
    1 meter long, ARMO Black jacket, FC/PC
    Optical Connector (Rotor) M3 receptacle
    Optical Transmission
    > 70%
    Maximum Variation < 1% (peak to peak)
    Number of electrical contacts 24
    Contact material Gold
    Contact resistance < 0.10  Ω
    Resistance variation during rotation
    (constant rotation)
    < 0.025 Ω @ 5V DC
    Start up torque < 20 µN·m
    Rotation speed up to 60 rpm
    Power Supply (torque assistance)
    5 VDC mini USB (included)
      Version 1.0.3