2-color Fluorescence Microscope Bodies

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  • The 2-color fluorescence microscope body combines two CMOS sensors for simultaneous imaging of two different fluorophores. Due to the chromatic aberrations of GRIN lenses, the position of each image sensor is adjusted to correct the chromatic shift and image the same object plane in both colors. As the chromatic shift is related to the length of the GRIN lens, the correction is valid for one specific length of GRIN lens. Green (GFP like) + Red (RFP like) systems are offered in 3 different models, two systems optimized for Snap-in Imaging Cannulas model L type D and type V, and one system optimized for surface imaging.

    Microscope and Cannula for specific brain regions
    0 - 150µm below the brain surface Model S
    0 - 3.4 mm below the skull surface Model L type D
    3.0 - 5.9 mm below the skull surface Model L type V

  • Field of view - Model L 320 µm x 320 µm
    - Model S 730 µm x 730 µm
    Objective lens numerical aperture 0.4
    Frame rate 45 FPS
    Mass 3.7 g
    Computer specifications - Intel Core-i7
    - 16GB RAM
    - Gigabit Ethernet, Jumbo frame compatible
    - 2GB graphic card, OpenGL v4.6 compatible
    Spectral bandwidths
    Green fluorescence sensor - Excitation 465 / 20 nm
    - Emission 520 / 35 nm
    Red fluorescence sensor - Excitation 563 / 9 nm
    - Emission 615 / 45 nm
  • 2-color Fluorescence Microscope Bodies model S
    2-color Fluorescence Microscope Bodies model LD
    2-color Fluorescence Microscope Bodies model LV
    2-color Fluorescence Microscope System
      User Manual
    Imaging Cannula Implantation & Microscope Installation for 2CFM
      Application Note
    2-color Fluorescence Microscope GFP-RFP configuration filter set
      Filter Traces