2-channel Imaging Cannula Model L

2-channel Imaging Cannula Model L
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  • The 2-channel Imaging Cannula has two parallel implants, a GRIN lens for deep-brain imaging, and an optical fiber for optogenetic stimulation and/or photometry recording of another brain area. 

    2-channel Imaging Cannulas Model L are compatible with:
  • Pitch 1 mm to 5 mm
    GRIN lens channel
    GRIN lens diameter 500 µm
    GRIN lens numerical aperture 0.5
    GRIN lens fiber length up to 6.25 mm
    Optical fiber channel
    Optical fiber diameter 200 µm or 400 µm
    Optical fiber numerical aperture 0.66
    Optical fiber length up to 10 mm
    Optical connection 1.25 mm ferrule
  • 2-channel Imaging Cannula Model L