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  • This connectorized joint sends the light from an optical fiber on a fixed side into two optical fibers on a rotating side in a 50:50 split. All three connector receptacles are of the FC type. The 50:50 split is essential for bilateral optogenetic stimulation experiments.

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      • Gimbal Holder allows the rotary joint to pivot along two additional axes, further reducing the mechanical stress on the animal.

    Note : In the case of 0.5 NA in output, the rotary joint internally converts NA from 0.22 input to 0.5 output.
  • Transmission  > 40% per output
     tested with 200 µm core, NA 0.22 fiber-optic patch cords
    Variation in Rotation +/- 3% of the mean
    Split Ratio < 5 % difference between output A and B
    Input NA  0.22
    Output NA  0.22 or 0.50
    Start up torque  30 µN·m
    Length  53 mm
    Outer Diameter  31 mm
    Mass  56 g
    Holder  Holder_FRJ_large included
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    1x2 Fiber-optic Rotary Joints

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    1x2 Fiber-optic Rotary Joint