Pigtailed 1x1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joint

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  • Fiber photometry experiments detect small power variations from a fluorophore and for that reason the fiber-optic rotary joints within the setup require minimal transmission variation. Because of large core multimode fibers and connector tolerances, transmission variation can only be minimized using a pigtailed version of 1x1 fiber-optic rotary joint. The pigtailed patch cords are made from 0.37 or 0.57 NA, 200 or 400 µm diameter optical fiber with a lightweight metal jacket and FC connectors. The fixed input patch cord is 1 meter long, while the output or rotating patch cord is 0.15 meter long. Different length fiber-optic patch cords can be connected to the output using an FC/FC mating adapter.

    • The compatible holder for the Pigtailed 1x1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joints is sold separately (Holder_FRJ_small).
    • An optional gimbal holder allows pivoting the rotary joint along two additional axes, further reducing the mechanical stress on the animal (GH_FRJ). 
    • A compatible FC/FC mating adapter (ADAPTER_FC) is sold separately and can be used to connect different patch cords to the optical fibers already linked to the rotary joint.

  • Maximum variation < 1 % peak-to-peak (1-way)
    Transmission > 70 %
    Typical fiber configuration 200 or 400 µm core - NA 0.37 or 0.57
    Optical fiber  stator : 1.0 meter (typical) with ARMO Black jacket
    rotor : 15 centimeters with PBKM jacket
    Start up torque 20 µN·m
    Length 30 mm
    Outer Diameter 17 mm
    Mass 18 g without optical fibers
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