VoluScan™ Driver

VoluScan™ Driver
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  • The VoluScan™ Driver (VSD) seemlessly synchronizes video acquisition and light excitation with the multi-plan scanning system. In addition, the VSD has 4 DI/Os channels that can be used to synchronize VoluScan™ with other systems. Specifically, digital triggers can coordinate external devices such as light sources (for optogenetics or uncaging), electrophysiology, liquid infusion, etc.

     The VSD also interfaces with Doric Neuroscience Studio, providing a simple and intuitive data acquisition software with high degree of customization. 

  • General properties:
    Computer interface
    Camera port
    Light source port
    VoluScan™ disk port
    DI/O port 4x
    Dimensions 135 x 70 x 21 mm
    Mass 200 g
    Input voltage 0 to 5.0 V (Maximum)
    TTL level HIGH > 3.3 V
    LOW < 1.5 V
    Output voltage TTL 5.0 V (High impedance)
    Output Current max 20 mA per channel
    Maximum sampling rate
    10 kSps
    Maximum output frequency
    5 kHz

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    VoluScan™ Driver