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    danse™ is a neuroscience data analysis software that provides a simple and intuitive way to examine changes in neural activity around behavior events. In particular, users can batch process all the recordings related to a single experiment, taking into account experimental design (groups, treatments, trials, etc.), with NO coding required. Users can easily export plots and processed/analyzed data from danse™ to run statistical tests or further manipulate the data.

    danse™ is designed to analyze data acquired from Doric fiber photometry console, bundle-imaging fiber photometry, miniature fluorescence microscopy, optogenetics TTL pulse generator, and behavior camera.  In addition, danse™ can integrate behavior videosevents (e.g. stimuli, immobility bouts), and measures (e.g. animal position, speed) from external sources (Excel, CSV, AnymazeEthovisionDeepLabCut, etc.). It is also possible to convert neural data files recorded from other devices, including TDT, NeurophotometricsInscopix, and more. 

    For more details, including a description of available processing and analysis features, download the following danse pdf. We also provide a growing bank of tutorial videos to support new users. 

    Contact sales@doriclenses.com to request a Demo call and a quote, or select the button below to obtain an activation key for a free trial of the software.

  • Operating System Microsoft Windows 10, 11; 64-bit
    16 GB RAM minimum
    32 GB RAM recommended
    Processor Speed 2 GHz & 4 cores minimum
    3 GHz & 8 cores recommended
    Hard Drive 10 GB of free hard disk space + space for files
    * SSD recommended
  • Installation Manual







    License Activation

    Load and Visualize Data

    Use Photometry ΔF/F

    Find Spikes (Photometry)

    Create Pipeline

    Link Behavior Video

    Create Behavior Event

    Create Perievents

  • Version beta[]
    Release date : July, 4 2024
    - Fixed the check of the statistic time windows in the Perievents analysis operation

    Version beta[]
    Release date : July, 2 2024
    - Fixed reading of coordinates when calculating Zone signal
    - Fixed the check of the statistic time windows in the Perievents analysis operation

    Version beta[]
    Release date : June, 28 2024
    - Added Calculate Speed operation
    - Added a check that statistic time frames are set correctly in the Perievents analysis
    - Added dataset selector to Select Analysis in the Dataset Analyzer
    - Improved time frames setting in the Remove Peak/Step Artifacts
    - Fixed frequency calculation in all operations
    - Cleaned and fixed loading of arrays for plot visualization
    - Fixed video time display if the video was added using Link Behavior Video
    - Fixed username update for Zones
    - Fixed display of the progress dialog message in the Experiment Operations

    Version beta[]
    Release date : June, 21 2024
    - Added header lines count to Create Behavior Measures
    - Cleaned setting of the signal plots
    - Added posibility to display results after the experiment Group Analysis
    - Fixed signal frequency calculation
    - Fixed loading of the parameters to pipeline
    - Added resaving of the wrong video time vector
    - Fixed loading of attributes in the Create Project of the Experiment Analyzer

    Version beta[]
    Release date : June, 19 2024
    - Fixed wrong dF/F calculation in Photometry operation -- signal and isosbestic were swapped.
    - Fixed crash when removing plot

    Version beta[]
    Release date : June, 14 2024
    - Added Temporal Downsample image operation
    - Added possibility to expand only selected part of file tree
    - Changed Convert Spreadsheet to not update the view if header of new file is the same
    - Added possibility to changed name of datasets in the Experiment Analyzer
    - Added possibility to set number of header lines in Create Behavior Events
    - Added possibility to read time in the format "hh:mm:ss.msec" in Create Behavior Events
    - Added a warning for user in case their data contains NAN values
    - Fixed progress bar when loading data from csv in Create Behavior Events
    - Fixed video time vector in case it was not saved correctly in DNS
    - Fixed checked operations in pipeline when set datasets did not work
    - Fixed the reading of the master start time in the Dataset Analyzer

    Older Release Notes are available here.