Bundle-imaging Fiber Photometry Driver

Bundle-imaging Fiber Photometry Driver
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  • The Bundle-imaging Fiber Photometry Driver connects to a computer via USB cable (included), and no external power supply is required. The Doric Neuroscience Studio software uses the driver to coordinates several devices used by a Bundle-imaging Fiber Photometry System.

    These devices include LED light sources, behavior cameras, and other behavior monitoring devices that communicate with the driver over TTL signals.

  • Time Resolution Accuracy 0.001 ms
    LED sampling rate
    1 to 20 Hz
    Camera frame rate 1, 2 or 3 x LED sampling rate
    (number of excitations interleaved)
    Pulse Frequency DC to 10 kHz
    Output Voltage TTL 5.0 V (high impedance)
    Output Current max 20 mA per channel
    Input Voltage 0 to 5.0 V (maximum)
    Current Consumption 200 mA  (powered by USB)
    Dimensions 135 mm x 70 mm x 21 mm
    Mass 200 g
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