High Density Fiber-optic Patch Cords

High Density Fiber-optic Patch Cords
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  • High-density fiber-optic patch cords (HDFP) have multiple fiber-optics terminated into a high-density connector on one side.  The other side of the patch cord can end into a bundle into a single connector without a repeatable pattern or with separate FC connectors for each fiber-optic. The high-density fiber optic patch cord can transmit independent optical signals when used with a high-density fiber-optic cannula array.  Use high-density patch cord configuration form to define optical fiber pattern into the high-density connector. 

    High Density Fiber Cannula Array - exploded view
     Comparison Table: Fiber-optic Type
    Fiber-Optic Material Silica/Silica Plastic
     Core Glass Plastic
     Cladding Glass Polymer
     Numerical Aperture  0.37 0.63
     Flexibility Good Excellent
     Auto-Fluorescence Excellent Poor
     Fiber Photometry BEST Not recommended
    (high AF)
     Optogenetics LED Source Not recommended
    (low NA)
     Optogenetics Laser Source BEST Good

  • Type Core
    ( μm )
    ( μm )
    ( μm )
    ( μm )
    silica/silica 200 220 245 900 0.37
    plastic 240 250 - 1000 0.63

  • Description Product Termination Code
    High Density Connector
    FC Connector with Zirconia Ferrule

    FC Connector with Metal Ferrule

    SMA Connector with Metal Ferrule SMA

  • High Density Patch Cord
      Pattern Configuration Form

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